Intimate nature photography

more than the eye perceives

Giving a voice to nature…

… is the guiding principle of my photographic work. Perceive them not as the object in front of the lens, but as the basis of our lives. No matter what we photograph and with which equipment – the camera captures this moment soberly and one-dimensionally. However, if I concentrate on my heart during my excursions, then I experience every moment with all my senses. This creates images that my mind has not even seen.

My works want to sensitize, delight and motivate to get involved with the light, the time of day and the seasons, with seeing and experiencing nature.

Photographically influenced by the works of Sandra Bartocha (D), Wenche Dahle (NO), Eric Malm (S) and Michael Orton (CA), the father of the „Orton Effect“. His technique, combined with intentional camera movement (ICM), increasingly dominates the look of my images.